Saturday, January 16, 2010

Halfway through the Bihaku treatments

I've made the halfway mark now with my treatment this morning. I'm used to the stinging now and am glad to say it didn't get any worse than the first time. My skin gets a well deserved break for 2 days until i go back on Tuesday for the second half. It's been handling the peels pretty well, just started flaking Thursday around my mouth and that has now extended out to the sides of my nose, chin and is starting to appear in the lower half of my cheeks. According to the therapist this is exactly what's supposed to happen, as we're moving the pigment up into the top layers of my skin and loosening those cells, ready to come off with the lift-off masque on Tuesday. I'll take a 'halfway' photo on Tuesday arvo when i get home.

Tried to go into the jewellers yesterday after work but they were shut, the opening hours on their door said they close at 5pm on Friday - so much for their website saying 6:30! Guess they don't update it very often. They are open today and Sunday arvo, but it's forecast to be very hot this weekend and i don't want to go out in the sun any more than is necessary.

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