Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Australia Day!

Whoo! Heading off to the shops shortly to pick up some asparagus and ham for the pizzas tonight. Instead of having the traditional bbq we're going to fire up the pizza oven :)

Because of the Australia Day holiday, the beautician's was closed so i didn't have a Bihaku treatment on Saturday or today. The final one is tomorrow and then i have the lift off masque on Thursday. I was terribly flaky on Saturday, especially my chin and around my mouth, but on Sunday morning when i washed my face most of that dry skin came off and the skin underneath is beautifully soft, smooth and definitely more even toned! I'm so pleased with it. I still have freckles but they appear smaller and much lighter.

Yesterday on the way home from work i stopped by a shop in Subiaco called B Kind. They sell only organic beauty goodies such as skincare and makeup from companies that don't test on animals. I was interested in trying out the mineral makeup ranges they stock, Elusyian and Inika, both Australian made. Neither of their formulas contain Bismuth Oxychloride, which is a nasty that's contained in a lot of other mineral foundations and as well as being carcinogenic can cause your skin to break out. I was really impressed with the Inika mineral foundation in the colour Grace. It's a very good match for my skin tone and stayed on well from 5pm until i washed my face before bed. It is very pricey however - $60 for an 8g pot.

So i'm currently entertaining other options - i've ordered a sample of Bare Minerals in Fairly Light from eBay purely for the mini kabuki brush ($13.50 inc postage - well worth it for the brush alone!). Bare Escentuals unfortunately does contain Bismuth Oxychloride so i won't be continuing with it. I've also ordered a sample kit in Ivory from Everyday Minerals. The first sample in each order is free, so all you have to pay for is postage, which is US$4.37, probably about AUD$5 at the current exchange rate! Bargain! It's cheaper than most Australian postage!

And in the rest of my huge shopping spree this month, i've ordered my camera :) I decided to go with an online store called DWI which are based in Hong Kong. They've got good reviews and seem to be very quick - they dispatched my order to Fedex 6 hours after i ordered it yesterday and it's due here in two days time :) I bought the Fuji F200 EXR, which is a 12MP compact. My well worn Ixus 750 died last year and i've been borrowing my workmate's Powershot G2 ever since. It takes good photos but is very bulky, so not easy to carry round on holiday. I was going to go with another Ixus, but they don't offer aperture control (also known as depth of field) whereas Fuji do.

Now back to saving up!

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