Saturday, January 16, 2010

My wedding updo!

After two trials of a gorgeous hairstyle that just wasn't going to work on my fine hair with my limited skills (Hairstyles-Teacher), i've found another that i had a quick try at today. Rob walked into the house after i'd finished it and immediately said, "New hairstyle. Wow!" and that was after a messy fast attempt, so it definitely looks like a goer! It's style LH02 on Weddinghair.

I need to grow my long fringe out further so i've got more hair to work with at the back. This style will work well with tiny flowers like the ones pictured on the site, crystals or a tiara. I'm having crystals, i do also have tiny flowers, still to decide which to use but i'll be practicing the style once a month until i've really got a handle on it.

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