Monday, February 1, 2010

Bihaku finished

On Thursday, i had my final liftoff treatment. All done! My skin is a lot clearer, several of my workmates have noticed and commented :) My therapist has said that it can take up to two weeks for all the old skin cells to peel off, so i'll take the final after photo next week and post it.

I'm continuing on with some home prescriptives to keep the pigmentation from recurring. My therapist knew i was on a tight budget so kept the products to a minimum, so on my last appointment i bought a Vitamin C serum, Melanoplex creme and Herb & Mineral mist. I already have Super Bright and Retinase at home, which will be alternated at night to fade and prevent pigmentation, and the Melanoplex is used during the day to prevent. Vitamin C i use both am and pm. I put the Super Bright quite heavily on three dark patches that are left on my cheeks (look like sunspots) and this morning they were very dark; i hope that means they're almost ready to peel off!

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