Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sweet bombonniere

I decided to have edible bombonniere for the Perth celebration after i saw chocolate covered strawberries sprinkled with edible glitter last year at, which is no longer in existence. They look like this:

The company also used to make truffles with glitter.

The glitter really caught my eye and i thought edible bombonniere was a fantastic idea; cheaper, easier and tastier than trying to find trinkets that everyone would like and wouldn't break the bank.

I decided on strawberries and Oreo truffles, and i've just done a trial of the truffles. I adapted the original Kraft recipe by using sweetened condensed milk instead of the cream cheese so they can be kept out of the fridge.

Oreo Truffles

½ tin condensed milk (a 375g tin)
1 ½ packets (150g packet) Oreos
175g dark cooking chocolate
50g white cooking chocolate

Turn Oreos into crumbs in food processor, then add the condensed milk and process until mixed. Shape into balls and freeze for a few minutes. Melt the dark chocolate and dip the balls using 2 forks. Melt the white chocolate, place it into a piping bag with a small round nozzle and drizzle it over the truffles.

Makes 19 truffles.

The mixture was the teensiest bit too wet so i'd add a few more Oreos next time. Other than that it went well and was very easy to make. I haven't yet taste tested them as i ate far too much of the leftover chocolate before washing up! The bit of leftover truffle mix i tasted though was delicious, sweet but not sickly - but saying that i wouldn't eat more than a few in a sitting.

I've ordered the edible glitter from eBay so will hopefully receive it at the end of this week, and will have a play around with it. I think it needs to be mixed with vodka/white rum/gin so that it sticks to chocolate, whereas you can just sprinkle it on icing.

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