Monday, March 8, 2010

Blinged-up - DIY Swarovski Havaianas

Completed a project on the weekend that i've had on the sidelines for quite some time - gluing crystals to my white Havaianas. I'm going to wear these after the ceremony, as i'm not used to high heels so suspect my feet will be in need of rest!

I went to the fabric shop to buy tulle to make a veil, and while i was there saw some gem glue that i thought might work well for the thongs. It's designed for gluing gems to fabric so it's flexible, which is a requirement for shoes also - i just hoped that it would stick to rubber and so far it seems to have :)

I got each crystal and placed it so the flat back was facing up. With a toothpick, i took a tiny blob of glue and touched it to the back of the crystal, which was enough to pick the crystal up with, flip it over and place it onto the strap of the thong and wiggle the toothpick out, leaving enough glue behind to hold it. They dried fairly quickly - within about 20 minutes i think, but it was a hot day.

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