Sunday, March 21, 2010

DIY Fingertip Veil

I wanted a ribbon edge on my veil, but the ribbon i've got seemed too thick, so i decided on a pencil edge done by a rolled hem. I had to go and buy a rolled hem foot for my sewing machine ($20, not too pricey), and then practice with it on the trimmed offcuts of the tulle. It took a few goes but eventually i got the hang of how much tulle to roll into the curved part of the foot so it would roll correctly. If i got too much in there part of the hem would hang out.

I then started (very slowly) to edge the two pieces of my veil. I stuffed up a few times with the result that part of the hem would hang out, but i just unpicked it and started again. I edged the whole U shape, and left the tops undone.

Close-up of the rolled hem.

If you're going to put any embellishments on the veil, such as crystals, i'd suggest do it now. I left it until after i'd gathered and attached to the comb, and it made it harder to do. Tulle is very tricky to get bead glue to stick to, and i ended up having to put glue on the crystal, place it on the tulle then press it to the floor (the glue comes off my floor easily), which meant i could only do a few at the time because the gathering made parts of the tulle come off the floor.

Once the crystals are dry, take your two pieces of veil back to the machine and sew two rows of gathering stitch (longest straight stitch your machine will do) along the top of each piece about 3-4mm apart, less than 1cm from the top edge. Then take the two top threads and pull the material away from them, towards the middle of the veil, to gather. Below is what they look like, before and after gathering.

Whipstitch them individually onto your comb, knot off the long threads at each end, then trim the top carefully, making sure not to cut any of the stitching holding it on. If you're like me, go along it with another row of whipstitch after you've accidentally cut some of the stitching :)
I still had another crystal to stick onto the comb at this point, which is why it looks a bit uneven here. Put as much glue on the back of the crystal as you can. Because the tulle is full of holes, there's not much for the glue to stick to. I ended up flipping the veil over and putting extra glue on the back of where i'd placed the crystals, to give it a bit more to hold on to.

I was originally going to go over the whipstitch with some ribbon, but i've used very fine tulle and there was no way my ribbon was going through it. So i used a few crystals instead. I'll put up a pic of the finished veil when the glue is dry.

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