Sunday, March 21, 2010

DIY Floor Length Veil

My fingertip veil is shaped like a flat-bottomed U, unhemmed, gathered at the top and attached to a comb. It was much easier than my fingertip veil as it has no fiddly embellishments.

The piece of tulle i used is 1.5m x 65cm. I folded it in half and rounded the bottom corner using a tape measure as a compass, then straightened up the top from the crooked cutting at the fabric shop. It's not a full quarter circle like the fingertip veil, just a rounded edge.

I then sewed two rows of gathering stitch across the top of the veil and gathered it, knotted off the ends and then sewed it onto a comb. I then carefully trimmed the tulle along the top of the comb and threaded beads around the front.

I'll wear the fingertip veil at the wedding; if there's a breeze, i'll put the floor length on for a few photos, otherwise i'll keep it for my trash the dress shoot on the beach. There's always a breeze there!

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