Sunday, March 21, 2010

DIY Wedding Makeup - Eyes

I'm finding eyeshadow to be the most difficult part of applying wedding makeup by myself. Now that i have the colour i want, i'm practising as much as i can. I have to apply it quite heavily, much more heavily than i do for work. I apply it to a level that i think is quite dark, then take a photo and it can barely be seen. So i then put it on to the point i look like i'm trying to do smokey eye, take another photo - and it's still too light! I put a third application on and i think i could still go darker. That's enough for today though.

I've used MAC Folie on the inner third, and MAC Showstopper across the whole lid. I've also used an old cream coloured eyeshadow just underneath the arch of my eyebrow across to the outer edge.

I need to buy another brush to help blend - the one i use to apply it doesn't blend very smoothly. I have an eye kabuki brush arriving from Everyday Minerals next week so hopefully that will help me out.

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