Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hair trial

I did a hair and makeup trial yesterday. I've been trying to do one of these every month but haven't had much luck with getting a hairstyle to work, until i decided on a bun. I've been looking in all the accessory shops i've been walking past and i found only one which stocked a hair donut. It was a medium in brown, it was the only choice they had and was $20. I could make one for less than $2 but the two fabric shops i've been to don't stock brown netting. I know it must exist somewhere! So for my trial i used a velvet scrunchie. It did the job ok but as the material is solid i couldn't put my crystal pins in it, so i used some flowers at the front for this trial. I didn't bother with hairspray or neat parts, so it's a little messy but it gives the idea.

Makeup went well with the foundation (my Everyday Minerals sample in Ivory) but although my eyeshadow (Mac Folie and Showstopper) looked really dark in the bathroom mirror, it doesn't show at all in the photo! So i'm going to go heavier on the eyes, cheeks (Mac Tenderling) and lips (Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey) for the next trial.

I also enquired about the possibility of Bihaku on my shoulders and arms. The beautician got back to me and said they had another treatment designed for the body, and the next day she sent me an email with all the details. Unfortunately it's quite expensive for the treatment ($950), requires an extra enzyme mask at the beginning (they're $100 each) and several more take home treatments, which i'll not be able to budget for before the wedding. I've done some research though, based on what i know of the Bihaku, and i've put in an order for a 2% BHA lotion and a 10% AHA lotion from Paula's Choice. They've got some great reviews from Vogue forums and they're priced very reasonably. The pH level is not as low as the Bihaku, as the Bihaku can only applied by trained beauticians and so can be a lot stronger and therefore more effective. I hope that using the two lotions together along with the Danne Superbright will be more effective that just the Superbright alone though, and i hope to see some visible reduction in the freckles.

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