Thursday, April 29, 2010

Starting our DIY wedding invitations

We've just started on the invitations this week. After some problems with the ink cartridges i bought for my printer (one cartridge was faulty) i've so far printed most of the invitations, the Perth reception, and RSVPs using my old cartridge - lucky it's got enough ink left. I printed out the Rome reception cards as well, but after cutting them i realised that i had not left room for the patterned strip of paper on the side, so have decided to reprint - it's about 6 pages worth.

I laid out the design for the invitations and am really pleased with it, it has come together exactly as i envisioned it. The picture on the right is of the invitations, with details blanked out for security. I wasn't so pleased with the Rome reception cards which made us decide to reprint rather than change the design and use them as is.

It took me two nights to print, and another two nights to do the cutting for about 30 invitations. I'm only doing a few hours at a time so it stays fun watching them come together. I'm waiting on Rob to get back with a few missing details for some last minute additions to the guest list, and i'll be able to print out the rest of the invitations. We had room for some extra guests after a falling out with a particular group of friends 6 months ago.

Rob's going to buy us some more double-sided tape and envelopes tonight from Officeworks, and that should mean we can complete the invitation packs by the weekend.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Back from Vietnam

We're back from Vietnam and back at work. Rob got a fantastic suit for the wedding made in Hoi An, it's a sand coloured linen with an ivory shirt. Tailored and fits perfectly. He just has to find shoes now and that's his clothing sorted for the day. My sister has been looking for a bridesmaid dress for the last few months, she's spotted a really nice one and am just waiting to hear back from her if she's happy with the fit of it. Rob's brother has a black suit already and is happy to wear that, Rob got two pocketsquares made in ivory silk for them to wear instead of buttonholes.

It's now time to concentrate on the invites. I've sent an email round asking for those who've moved house to let us know their new addresses. We've found with the destination wedding, that our guest list is going to be very small - it seems to be quite a common theme with destination weddings. It's not just those who are busy at that time of year, or who can't afford it which is quite understandable. What's less understandable is a guest taking a holiday to Europe a few months before the wedding, using the information in the emails you sent to guests with the research you've done finding the best prices for flights and accom to book the cheapest flight. You're left wondering why they didn't want to put back the holiday a few months so they could attend, because you gave them 18 months notice and they hadn't planned their holiday when you sent the save the dates. I guess your wedding is never as important to other people as it is to the two of you and the process of planning one really drives it home. I know for other weddings i've been excited to go to them but not really given them much thought until the day. I've only been to a few weddings though, probably those who've been to lots don't find them so exciting. I know of an old workmate who has 7 invites this year (so far!). Anyway enough grumbling from me. Those who have let us know they're planning to come are looking forward to it and that makes us happy :)

I'll wait a week or two to see if we get any addresses back, and then start the printing process. We decided to be clever and only print the invites but not all the detailed information like maps and city info - we'll leave that until we get the rsvps back and then print them only for those guests, to save on a lot of paper that would otherwise be wasted. I've done lots of research to help our guests out, from how to get a taxi or shuttle from the airport to what to order in a cafe. I'm quite proud of our welcome packages!