Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Heard back from our photographer today, and he's confirmed the final amount we need to pay. He's also asked for the hard copy of our signed booking form so i'll send that to him tomorrow with some maps and info about the wedding - a shortened form of our Order of the Day and Programme which will be given to our Rome guests.

No RSVPs in our letterbox today. Bit early really to be expecting lots back but i'm still eager to check each day!

Last night my sister and her boyfriend gave a verbal RSVP, so that's another two yeses for Rome :), and a no from Chantelle for Perth (she came back home just last xmas and hates flying, so i didn't expect her to come back for November).

Monday, May 24, 2010

First RSVPs back!

We got our first RSVP back today :) Rob smsed me at work saying one had arrived. He waited until i got home from work and we opened it together. It was a great start; two yeses for both Rome and Perth!

We were fairly sure that this couple were coming to both as they'd already showed us their intended travel itinerary. They've been excited about our wedding and their holiday since the save-the-dates, and it's been great having someone else looking forward to it apart from us :) It's still exciting to see the confirmation in print though!

The wedding planner emailed me on Friday to ask if she could have the confirmed number of guests for the venue. I explained we'd only just sent out the invitations and she said she was happy to wait until the RSVPs are back. She also asked for the ceremony wording; Rob and i worked on that on the weekend and it's almost ready to send back to her.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hair trial

Before we left for Vietnam, i finished making my bun ring and did a trial on my hair. This was the result:


I was actually not planning on doing a full trial but just to see how the hair jewellery went in the bun ring. Happily for me i found it fairly easy.

The bun ring is made out of an old black nylon shower 'knot' - one of those plaited things that you get with shower gel. I pulled it apart and washed it in the machine, then ironed each piece flat under a teatowel. I melted one accidentally, so made the ring out of the two remaining pieces. I folded each piece into a tube the size of a sock, then rolled one of them into a donut shape, placed the other one over it and rolled it to make a fat donut.

I pull my hair up into a high ponytail and fasten it with an elastic, then slip the bun ring over the tail. I then separate the tail into a top and bottom half, brush each half, and lean forward so that i can spread each half evenly around the bun ring. I then place another elastic over the top so it fastens the hair at the base of the ring against your hair.

Now you're left with a perfect bun, albeit with the ends of your hair hanging out. You can either pin the ends neatly around the bun, hiding the elastic, or if your hair is long you can create pin curls around the ring, pinning them at the base and top with bobby pins. Then put your hair jewels in and it's done. It's the quickest and most professional looking hairstyle i've managed in my trials, definitely happy i've found this one. I was getting rather worried that i couldn't manage the previous styles i'd attempted.

I still need to practice how i'll do the front of my hair. I'll either sweep it to the side as usual and hairspray it into place, or sweep it to the side and french plait it. I would then take the plaits and pin them into the back of the bun.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Return flights booked!

We've finally settled on a return flight after having missed a really good deal three weeks ago. I was worried the prices would go up again so we booked tonight. This one's $150 more expensive than the missed deal, but it's the cheapest that's out there (aside from the budget carriers, but they only save us £50 and i'd rather the slightly bigger seats and meals for that amount). Another item crossed off our list!

I've also tried to get hold of our photographer through Facebook to confirm the amount of our final payment and his account details, however he's got an exhibition on at the moment and i haven't heard back from him. Will try emailing later on.

We also got our first txt/email response as a yes for Rome :) Can't wait for our first handmade RSVP card to appear in our letterbox!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

RSVP Tracker

After a bit of googling, i discovered there were no ready-made RSVP Trackers available as widgets to add to my blog. Instead, i came across a helpful post on Best Destination Wedding forum that gave the code for creating your own. I changed it a little to come up with this:

< img src="http://tinyurl.com/2sdozd" /> Number invited < img src="http://tinyurl.com/32ch7p" /> Number of yeses < img src="http://tinyurl.com/2ts57r" /> Number of noes < img src="http://tinyurl.com/3capks" /> Number not received

And placed it in an html/javascript gadget on the side of my page. You will need to remove the space between the "<" bracket and "img" - i had to add it so the code showed. I hope this helps some others who are having trouble finding a response tracker - let me know if so!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Invites ready to go

Our invites are ready :) The overseas and interstate/country invites were posted out last week, and tomorrow i'll be taking the local ones to the post office. Rob will give out the hand-delivered ones to his friends in the next few weeks (as long as i remember to remind him!), and that's another DIY project complete :)

When the RSVPs come back i will be able to start on printing the Order of the Day (which is kinda a welcome pack, OOTD and city guide all in one), which will be given to the guests who've RSPVed yes to Rome. Later on i'll also print out the Order of Service which will be given out on the day.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Invitations together

All the invites are now printed out and sorted together, and Rob's been cutting ribbon to length so we can thread them through the website insert to tie the whole invite together. This is how they'll appear to our guests when they pull them out of the envelope.

And here's a shot of them all together just after being sorted. I'm glad we're only having a small wedding when i'm working on DIY projects like this!

I have the overseas invites ready and will post them out today, interstate and country on Friday, local on Monday next week and Rob is going to hand deliver some of his. They should all be received around Tues or Wed next week. Then comes the big wait for RSVPs before 7th July, where we find out for sure who's coming to join us in Rome...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Invitations, reception cards and RSVPs

Over the last week, i've been doing a few hours worth of invitation assembling each night, and i've now finished the invitations, both reception cards and the RSVP cards. We decided not to include the maps and accommodation inserts after we found out how many guests were not intending to go to Rome (and we didn't want to waste all that paper!). Instead, we'll include the maps in a welcome pack which we'll send to those who RSVP yes to Rome, and the leftover paper will be used in the programs and the welcome pack.



Now i have to print out an insert reminding people that our accommodation suggestions and maps etc are all on our website, and giving the address again. I'm going to tie this round all the invitation and inserts with a ribbon. I also have to hand address all the envelopes... eek!