Monday, May 24, 2010

First RSVPs back!

We got our first RSVP back today :) Rob smsed me at work saying one had arrived. He waited until i got home from work and we opened it together. It was a great start; two yeses for both Rome and Perth!

We were fairly sure that this couple were coming to both as they'd already showed us their intended travel itinerary. They've been excited about our wedding and their holiday since the save-the-dates, and it's been great having someone else looking forward to it apart from us :) It's still exciting to see the confirmation in print though!

The wedding planner emailed me on Friday to ask if she could have the confirmed number of guests for the venue. I explained we'd only just sent out the invitations and she said she was happy to wait until the RSVPs are back. She also asked for the ceremony wording; Rob and i worked on that on the weekend and it's almost ready to send back to her.

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