Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hair trial

Before we left for Vietnam, i finished making my bun ring and did a trial on my hair. This was the result:


I was actually not planning on doing a full trial but just to see how the hair jewellery went in the bun ring. Happily for me i found it fairly easy.

The bun ring is made out of an old black nylon shower 'knot' - one of those plaited things that you get with shower gel. I pulled it apart and washed it in the machine, then ironed each piece flat under a teatowel. I melted one accidentally, so made the ring out of the two remaining pieces. I folded each piece into a tube the size of a sock, then rolled one of them into a donut shape, placed the other one over it and rolled it to make a fat donut.

I pull my hair up into a high ponytail and fasten it with an elastic, then slip the bun ring over the tail. I then separate the tail into a top and bottom half, brush each half, and lean forward so that i can spread each half evenly around the bun ring. I then place another elastic over the top so it fastens the hair at the base of the ring against your hair.

Now you're left with a perfect bun, albeit with the ends of your hair hanging out. You can either pin the ends neatly around the bun, hiding the elastic, or if your hair is long you can create pin curls around the ring, pinning them at the base and top with bobby pins. Then put your hair jewels in and it's done. It's the quickest and most professional looking hairstyle i've managed in my trials, definitely happy i've found this one. I was getting rather worried that i couldn't manage the previous styles i'd attempted.

I still need to practice how i'll do the front of my hair. I'll either sweep it to the side as usual and hairspray it into place, or sweep it to the side and french plait it. I would then take the plaits and pin them into the back of the bun.

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