Thursday, May 6, 2010

Invitations, reception cards and RSVPs

Over the last week, i've been doing a few hours worth of invitation assembling each night, and i've now finished the invitations, both reception cards and the RSVP cards. We decided not to include the maps and accommodation inserts after we found out how many guests were not intending to go to Rome (and we didn't want to waste all that paper!). Instead, we'll include the maps in a welcome pack which we'll send to those who RSVP yes to Rome, and the leftover paper will be used in the programs and the welcome pack.



Now i have to print out an insert reminding people that our accommodation suggestions and maps etc are all on our website, and giving the address again. I'm going to tie this round all the invitation and inserts with a ribbon. I also have to hand address all the envelopes... eek!

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