Thursday, May 20, 2010

Return flights booked!

We've finally settled on a return flight after having missed a really good deal three weeks ago. I was worried the prices would go up again so we booked tonight. This one's $150 more expensive than the missed deal, but it's the cheapest that's out there (aside from the budget carriers, but they only save us £50 and i'd rather the slightly bigger seats and meals for that amount). Another item crossed off our list!

I've also tried to get hold of our photographer through Facebook to confirm the amount of our final payment and his account details, however he's got an exhibition on at the moment and i haven't heard back from him. Will try emailing later on.

We also got our first txt/email response as a yes for Rome :) Can't wait for our first handmade RSVP card to appear in our letterbox!

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