Sunday, June 20, 2010

Makeup trials

I was searching for inspiration on the net last night and came across a picture from the Sydney Fashion Festival 2008. The model was wearing all corals - cheeks, eyes and lips, and it looked fantastic. The Adore Beauty article very handily had the makeup colours listed. I checked the eyeshadow (Paradisco) on the MAC site and found that it was a frost finish, which means it's got a fair bit of shimmer in it. I try to stay away from sparkly shadows as they don't suit me, and also they can reflect in photography so not good for wedding styles. Instead i had a look through their matte and satin finishes to see if there was a similar colour in a different finish, and found the closest matches were a satin called Girlie and a matte called Free to Be. Girlie was the closest match so i started searching on Google again for pictures using it.

Most of what i came across was makeup used on Kirsten Davis for the Twilight movies. There's a lot of websites which have the listing of the colours used on her, which for the eyeshadow were Blanc Type, Flute (no longer available, Girlie is the closest) and Wedge. I haven't seen the movies but they had a picture of her there and it was a nice natural look. Wedge is described as a soft muted golden beige taupe, in matte. Girlie is a soft muted rosy-pink with subtle shimmer in satin, and the highlight colour i will use is Shroom, a soft muted golden beige with opalescent shimmer (satin). I think these three will go well together, and i'll use Showstopper in the outer corner of my lid.

I need to go out and buy these before i do a proper trial, but in the meantime i had an old Maybelline compact in Designer Chocolates, which had a brown slightly darker than Wedge and a pink, so i used that to do a trial today. I also got to use the false lashes i bought :) 1000 hour individual lashes in Flared Medium Black. They're incredibly long so i'm glad i got medium instead of long.

In the first picture i've got 4 lashes on, but i decided to try 6 on the other eye, which blends the line of the lashes in better with my natural ones. The shadow seems *really* heavy to me in real life, but as you can see from the photos it looks subtle on film. Next trial we'll take in daylight with Rob's SLR to get it as close as possible to what the wedding photography will be like. These pics were taken indoors with my little compact.

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