Friday, June 18, 2010

Wondering how many RSVPs we'll need to chase up?

We've just passed the 4 week mark since we sent out the invitations, and so far we've had 9 responses out of 70 invitees. I'm really happy that those 9 have taken the time to post back their responses, but am more than a little worried that in three weeks we're going to have to make 20 or so calls to find out who will be coming! Fingers crossed that most of them start coming back now that it's closer to the date.

I think even with a destination wedding, there's really no need to have such a long RSVP time period, especially since people had already make up their minds whether or not they were coming after the Save the Dates. For anyone about to send out their invitations for a destination wedding, i would recommend the same amount of time for your responses as you would for a local wedding - 3 or 4 weeks (assuming of course that you've sent Save the Dates in advance).

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