Friday, July 23, 2010

Best Man has cancelled

I've been suspecting this for a while. Our Best Man, who at first was very eager and wanted to know a lot of details about which flights we were on (i guess with a view to booking the same flight) early on in our wedding planning, has over the last 6 months or so stopped asking. When it came time to book his accommodation a few months ago we asked him if he'd booked his flight, and the answer was always that he couldn't afford it just now. This rang alarm bells for me immediately as he'd had a year and a half to save... if he hadn't saved enough for his flight by now, how was he going to afford accommodation, food, travel for the days we weren't paying for him?? Unfortunately he's had a lot going on in his life in the last few years and he seems to be trying to forget about it all by going out every weekend and drinking very heavily, and i think that's why he can't afford it.

Rob has been leaving voicemail messages for him over the last few weeks and managed to get hold of him today, when Glenn told him he didn't think he was going to be able to afford to fly over. Rob is now really sad that his brother won't be there with him on the day. He was really looking forward to some brother bonding time in Rome before we marry. We can't afford to buy a ticket for him so unless he manages in the next month or so to save enough money, that's it. Very sad.

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