Thursday, July 29, 2010

Seven for Rome!

Yay!! My friend from uni who lives in Germany has just booked her flights for the wedding :) So we now have 7 guests for Rome :) I emailed Rob straight away to let him know the good news, think it's cheered him up a bit after the disappointment of his brother pulling out.

Very excited!


  1. I read your post, that is sad. My DH best friend pulled out by not turning up to our Hawaiian Wedding. No warning.

  2. oh man, that's rough :( i hope you both managed to enjoy your wedding day despite that.

  3. We did. He still blamed us for it for holding it in Hawaii.

  4. :o

    Some people seem to forget - it's your wedding and you get to choose where to hold it! But really, how hard is it to ring your best friend and say, hey look really really sorry i know i agreed earlier, but i've done the sums and won't be able to afford it (or whatever reason they have)? Much better than not showing up imo, or having to be asked for several months if you've bought your ticket yet before admitting you've no intention of going.

    I'm glad you two had an awesome time anyway :)