Sunday, July 11, 2010

We have our final RSVP count - almost

After some nagging txts to people, we eventually got all the RSVPs done. We're waiting on 2 people to make a final decision for Rome (one is our best man!!) and all our Perth responses are back (or we've put down a no if we couldn't contact them) except the 5 Perth-only invites which we'll send in August. 

Our average amount of yeses to Perth was right on the global average that i've seen of 2/3 yes, 1/3 no. Rome was less than we'd hoped for, as several families who wanted to come couldn't get time off around those dates which was a shame.

I was quite disappointed that we had to remind so many guests. Clearly giving them a long time to RSVP doesn't increase the amount who do respond. Must make sure i'm not one of those guests for anyone who invites us in the future ;)

I've emailed out our Order of the Day for the Rome guests. We had some good feedback on them from my parents who especially loved the 'making of' photos on the last page! Will post some screenshots of the OotD this week.

So now waiting on those final people to respond for Rome so we know how many OOSs to print, and also for our best man to buy his plane ticket and confirm so we know whether to include his name in the bridal party in the booklet. Might be a matter of printing them the day before we fly out - hopefully he lets us know one way or the other before then.

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