Thursday, July 8, 2010

What to do when wedding RSVPs are due back

Email, Facebook, sms.
Any way that will get to them fastest.

With a gentle reminder by email or sms, we've now managed to get down to waiting to hear from less than a third of our guests. A lot of them had been meaning to reply but hadn't got round to it - a reminder email seems to be an easy way to let them know it's ok to break tradition and that we'd prefer an electronic reply than none at all.

By far our favourite replies have been from people who've taken the time to buy a card as well as send their reply back :) it's a lovely extra thought.

We're now waiting on 20 replies for Perth (15 really as 5 invites are Perth only and so haven't yet been sent out), and 10 for Rome. We went through the list marking off those we knew wouldn't go to Rome, and although we can guess their response for Perth we are waiting for a confirmation. Our aim now is to get a definite reply from those people by next Wednesday (a week after close of RSVPs) as the wedding planner wants to know numbers.

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