Monday, July 26, 2010

Working out our route around Europe

We've been busy working out the places we want to see on our honeymoon. Rob did up a list of all the places he wanted to see, and some more that i recommended and then handed it over to me to work out the best and cheapest ways of seeing it all. I've found some great websites that have helped me find the cheapest fare from the different flights, trains and buses. It takes a long time to do but i think we've got it to a point where we're happy with it now.

Megabus - UK only, very cheap bus/train fares but doesn't travel to all cities
Easybus - cheap fares from London to the four airports
Czech Transport - Bus travel in and out of Czech Republic to certain cities

The Train Line - valid for trains in the UK, usually will come up with the cheapest fare
SBB - Swiss rail system, will allow you to price trains to other cities too
TGV-Europe - same as SNCF, but in English, French rail bookings
RailEurope - English site for French rail bookings
Eurostar - Train link between certain European cities and London
DirectRail - if the Train Line doesn't find the cheapest fare, this site will!

Skyscanner - world-wide flights, you can view a whole month at a time to find the cheapest day to fly, includes most of the budget carriers


  1. Just a train-related note :) Trainline are ok for train timings, but they charge an admin fee if you buy tickets. EastCoast ( have the cheapest fares that i've found, and they don't charge an admin fee :)

  2. Thanks Chantelle! i'll make sure i book through the smaller companies :)