Wednesday, August 18, 2010

DIY personalised lingerie - something blue

Tonight's project was to personalise my 'something blue' - my wedding day underwear :) I chose a pair of boyleg shorts so that i could paint onto the back with some fabric paint. I had decided some time ago to use the words 'Rob's missus' and recently to add the Southern Cross for an Australian touch, but my biggest problem was how to trace the design onto the dark fabric of the underwear.

At first i tried printing it and tracing round the edge of the letters with a Stanley knife, but it was too fiddly. Instead, i looked for the most sheer material i could find in my leftovers from making my dress, which was the tulle from my petticoat, taped it over my printout and traced round it with a felt tip pen, then laid it over my undies and traced over it again with chalk. The chalk went through the holds in the tulle and made a strong outline ready to be copied over again with the fabric paint.

And this is the finished result! Just need to wash it now when the paint is dry to get the chalk marks off.

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