Friday, August 13, 2010

First IPL session for freckles

Wow am i glad that's over, i was nervous all day and then when i was having it done it wasn't nearly as bad as i'd been worrying!

On Saturday, i booked an appointment at Skin Deep to have a consultation, and then to go ahead with a session of IPL if the therapist thought my skin would be suitable. I'm a Fitzpatrick skin type II so knew i'd be a good subject for IPL (lighter skins work better with IPL and can also handle stronger peels than dark skins, which have more risk of hyperpigmentation as a result of the treatment) and therefore would very likely be having the treatment today.

I've had IPL before for hair removal, and remembered that at the time i hadn't thought it a particularly comfortable procedure. They describe the feeling as similar to a rubber band snapping against the skin. It is like this, but if you can imagine feeling the snap just under your skin, you've got it. It's not overly painful, more uncomfortable. It's sharp for a second, then after that just feels like a sunburn for a few hours. My skin was bright pink immediately after, like i'd been exercising hard, but after about half an hour was back to normal colour with darker freckles. Three hours later and my skin just feels a bit tight.

My therapist reminded me that i'm not to exfoliate for a week, and that it will take about five days for the really dark freckles to go. Two weeks will show how much pigmentation this session got rid of. If i want another session, it can't be sooner than a month after this one.

Will take some photos of my skin tomorrow morning and then again in two weeks to show the result.

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