Friday, August 6, 2010

IPL to remove freckles?

I'm considering doing a session of IPL to remove most of my remaining freckles. They've come back a little after getting sunburnt in Vietnam, and although the Bihaku worked beautifully last time, it's quite expensive.

I've read a lot of reviews, mostly on Vogue, where girls seem to have had quite a good result from one or two sessions of IPL. Since the freckles are only now really across my cheeks and nose i think i could get away with a half face IPL session which would be around $200, depending on where i go. Arms are a lot more expensive at around $600, but still cheaper than the $1150 for the RP Revision (which is like Bihaku for the body). I have way more freckles on my shoulders and arms than i do on my face now.

There's a few salons in Perth i've been looking at, such as Skin Deep, Cosmedical Skin Solutions, and Beaubelle Beauty Clinic, to name a few, but i haven't decided yet on one.

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