Sunday, August 8, 2010

Stuff-up at the jewellers

Went to visit the jeweller today and it didn't go as well as i hoped. I asked the girl if we could get my engagement ring shaved flush, she took it downstairs to the jeweller and came back up saying yes he could do that. I also asked about getting it resized as it's a little too large, but no need to resize the wedder (which they're storing in their safe for me) as the engagement ring will stop it sliding off. She wrote it all down on an envelope with the description of my engagement ring and said it would be two hours.

Two hours later we come back to find the jeweller has polished my engagement ring, but cut a chunk out of and resized my wedder!!! :o My wedder is narrow, about 4mm wide, so it looked really quite strange with a 1mm chunk out of it.

Long story short, there was some miscommunication somewhere and the jeweller had said he couldn't shave the engagement ring as it would weaken the supports. I asked what if he put some gold on the inside to strengthen it, and she asked and reported that would be ok. So i left my engagement ring with them and they're going to shave and resize it and also remake my wedder. I'm a little worried now about what they're going to do, after that stuff-up. Fingers crossed i guess, i can't do much more than explain exactly what i want and that's what i did (twice) today!

In good news we did pay off the rest of Rob's ring :)

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