Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Update on my ring

I went in to the jewellers after work on Monday, but the girl i had spoken to on Sunday wasn't there. I was told i'd get a call when my ring arrived back.

Got a call today, and was told that my wedding ring was being made in the smaller size that i had asked for my engagement ring to be resized to, and if they needed to size it up a little it was easier than sizing it down. Ok, fine by me. She also said they'd send it off to be engraved so i explained that both Rob's and my wedders needed to be engraved both inside and outside, and we wanted the characters to go all the way around the rings. I hope they don't do this before i get to fit it.

I asked when my engagement ring would be ready and she said they wanted to hold onto it so the jeweller could make it flat on one side to fit flush against my wedder. No way, i told her (but more politely)! I explained that all they needed to do was shave the bottom of the fitting on my engagement ring to make it flat, and they didn't need my wedder to do that - and if only one ring was sent to the jeweller he was less likely to get 'confused'. They've made me a little paranoid now. She agreed to that and said in that case my engagement ring would be ready on the weekend and which day did i want to pick it up? :)

Fingers crossed that it's just as i want it when i pick it up...

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