Saturday, September 25, 2010

And we're off!

About to leave for the airport, and coming back a married couple :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Music almost done

We had chosen our songs a while ago but only confirmed them on the weekend, changing a few around from our original picks. I've even changed a few this evening while i was transferring them across to my mp3 player. I'm a little worried about my mp3 player actually being able to play the songs at the ceremony; the planner told us we could use an ipod to hook up to the stereo system, but mine is an old Sony Walkman. It only plays ATRAC files (uses software to convert other media formats to ATRAC). While it has a normal audio out jack (ie one for earphones), if they've got an ipod dock attached to the speakers rather than a mini audio plug, we're going to be music-less. We're going to take a cd with us for backup, and i'll probably bring along a usb stick with the songs in mp3 format just in case, and then if necessary can borrow an ipod from a guest. We get to meet with the celebrant the day before the wedding, at the venue, and they've asked us to bring the ipod so we will find out then whether or not mine works. No idea how to transfer the songs across without a computer though...

We decided on the processional song quite a while ago and haven't changed it since. However it is 3:29 long and i've got one bridesmaid and i suspect a short aisle. I didn't know how we were going to work out our timing for the walk down the aisle so that we didn't have half the song still to play when we'd both finished walking and have to fill in time while it finished. Either that or turn the volume down, but that would leave the song sounding unfinished. I wasn't really happy with either option, so instead i opened the song in Audacity and snipped out the last verse of the song, leaving the ending intact and joining it to the second verse. It's now 2:15 and should be much better timed for our walk!

Now i just need to transfer them all across to the mp3 player, my usb stick, and then burn to CD.

So far we have:
Pre-ceremony: Doomsday (Murray Gold)
                        Rose's Theme (Murray Gold)
                        Thank You (Dido)
Processional: Heaven (Candlelight Mix) (DJ Sammy)
Signing: Fall For You (Secondhand Serenade)
Recessional: All I Want Is You (U2)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Order of Service - DIY Booklets

I printed and assembled our DIY Order of Service Booklets today. We're still waiting on the timeline from the wedding planner, hope there's not much deviation from what i've guessed at. We've actually got more time on the roof garden where the ceremony is taking place than i thought we did, but i don't think anyone's going to be cross if my booklet is 15 mins out on our leaving time :)

So here they are! The thank yous are shamelessly stolen from Road to the Aisle (hope you don't mind Heather if you ever come across this blog - as they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!). The rest was put together by me after viewing many different programs from various forums.


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Honeymoon bookings and final RSVPs

Today was the RSVP day for the three Perth reception invitations we sent out. The invitees had three weeks to respond but as of today we have no replies back - and i'm not going to bother chasing them up! I had enough of doing that that with the Rome & Perth invitations we sent out. So these five people will be marked as a no. Shame, but i think if you're planning to go to an event you'll let the organiser know, so no reply would indicate they're not interested.

I've also been busy getting the transport and accommodation booked. I've done most of the UK bookings but have only just organised my Euro travelcard, so need to wait for that to be activated before booking all the Europe legs. Unfortunately prices have still been going up, so instead of waiting and getting last-minute deals, we've had to pay more for some flights and missed out on some of the cheaper accommodation. However, you win some, you lose some - EasyJet has just announced a 20% off sale so that will save us some of the lost money.

My ring has been remade and I tried it on on Saturday. They hadn't done the bevelled edge so i've asked the jeweller to do that and then send both mine and Rob's to the engraver. They were supposed to be ready Monday but Rob received a message that the engraver was now working half days as he'd had a stroke. Poor guy, we're very lucky that he's still able to work... i am guessing it was a minor stroke and didn't affect his motor control or he wouldn't be able to work at all and his work is amazing. The rings should be available today but i couldn't get in to pick them up so i'll try to head in later this week.

Oh, and there's only a month to go until the wedding day! Squee!