Friday, December 3, 2010

DIY edible favours

Earlier in the year i decided to make edible bombonniere for the Perth reception, and i did a trial run of the Oreo truffles. The day after our arrival back in Perth i bought all the ingredients and that night Mum and I made truffles and dipped half of them in chocolate (we ran out of chocolate). Think we ended up with about 60 truffles from 3 packets of Oreos.

The morning of the reception we finished dipping the truffles and did the strawberries as well. To get the glitter to stick i'd sprinkle it over the just-finished sweets every so often, probably about 5 min - didn't have a problem with it sticking then, it stuck very well. Then we drizzled white chocolate over the truffles and chilled them all, then bagged them.

Unfortunately we were running short of time and didn't get any photos of the making or of all the truffles together, but i took one of some of the extra ones after the reception.

For 60 truffles and 40 strawberries, i used 3 packets of Oreos, 1 tin of condensed milk, 500g milk chocolate and probably about 100g white chocolate. Oh, and 40 strawberries of course!

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