Saturday, December 18, 2010

DIY parents' album review

Our album arrived Friday :) It took less than a week from submitting our design to us receiving it. We're very happy with the quality, Rob's now talking about getting one made for us; although we've already got prints from the photographer so i'll probably suggest getting a honeymoon album through Albumworks and put our wedding prints in a traditional stiff paged album with mats.

We chose a black faux leather cover over linen, as it's easier to clean, and offers more protection against drinks being spilt etc. It has a nice grain to it, not overly perfect and more like real leather. The cover is heavy weight and it appears that the book is securely bound with glue to a soft cover inside the leather outer cover.

The first and last pages are protected by a plain page between them and the cover. The quality of the printing on each page is more than decent; much better than the quality of digital photos printed at the shopping centre. The paper used has a nice matte sheen to it and feels reasonably thick. It certainly wouldn't accidentally tear easily, i don't think.

These are a random selection of the pages (ok, all the ones that i managed to take a clear shot of!).

Getting ready

The ceremony

Back to the hotel

Off on our photoshoot

St Peter's Square

Spanish Steps

Pre-dinner drinks

Dinner (both the rehearsal and wedding dinners)

I think Mum and Dad will be really pleased with it. We certainly are, i've flicked through it a few times today already.

One thing i would have liked is the option of foil stamping on the cover - i'd have put our names and below that the wedding date. Albumworks offer laser engraving, but there was no font options and no real idea of how the engraving would look, plus it seemed to only let you do one line, so i decided not to add it. Other than that, the whole process of designing and ordering, and the finished album, has been easy and quick and i'd definitely look at getting another album done with them.

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  1. Thanks for the positive feedback Janelle. We're delighted you chose albumworks for your photobook album and so pleased to hear you are happy with the results.
    - Sandra Williams