Monday, January 24, 2011

Wedding costs

I've just finished adding up the final costings for the wedding. I'm pleased to see we came in under my estimation, and i almost made my target of a $10k wedding - went over by $1700. Interestingly the honeymoon works out at $300 a day... and that's us trying our hardest to find the cheapest accommodation and food, and not buying much but rather taking photos. It will serve as a great guideline for future European/UK holidays, which we intend to do again - we had a ball!

Our at home reception came in well under budget. For those of you hesitating on having one, perhaps my figures will help. You can do it cheaply if you're happy to have a meal at a nice restaurant. Costs will go up as soon as you have to hire a venue, have caterers, chair covers, cake, cleaning etc. The staff seemed genuinely excited to have us there (we hadn't mentioned beforehand that it was a wedding celebration), the other guests weren't fussed about it (they had a good look at us walking in and then back to their meals!) and it really was nice to have a low key event after all the excitement of the overseas one.