Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wedding photos on canvas

A few weeks ago i was sent a link to a coupon for a great deal on a panoramic canvas print. It was less than a quarter of the usual price, for a 50cm x 100cm canvas on a frame, and delivered. Brilliant! Rob and i agreed this would be a perfect use for some of our wedding gift money, so one of our guests has bought us this lovely piece of art.

The offer was from Fabness, an online company who specialise in canvas printing. They offer a good range of set sizes and shapes, and three different options for the 'wrap' (the part of the canvas that wraps around the frame). To order, you create an account with them and then use the online tool to upload your photo. It's very quick, took less than 5 minutes to upload and play around with positioning. At the ordering stage they let you know how quickly they'll produce your canvas and when you can expect to receive it. As a guide, it took them two days to print and ship my canvas, and five days to get to me (which is the standard delivery time from the eastern states to WA).

My parcel arrived on Friday and i was so pleased with it when i unwrapped it! I've never seen a photo canvas up close before, but the surface was shiny (although you can see clearly the weave of the canvas)  and the colours are vibrant. I chose one of our black and white photos, so what i mean by 'colour' is that the blacks are black, not grey, and there's a good variation in the different tones. In other words, it looks exactly like the original photo :)

Close up of the edge. I chose the gallery wrap where the photo continues on around the sides. You can see the surface gloss of the print on the very edge.

Very pleased with it :) If anyone is looking at getting a photo canvas done, i highly recommend Fabness.