Saturday, April 30, 2011

Trash the Dress - Beach

The beach we chose has a pile of rocks leading from the sand dune and jutting out into the sea, and then there's a path down to the sand. The sand is quite grey rather than yellow as is usual for Perth beaches.

We started off on the rocks. I had a nice view of the setting sun.

Then i wandered down onto the sand to meet the waves.

And walked into the ocean.

I was intending to swim out further, but once i felt the current take my dress i decided against it. The dress was suddenly very heavy and limited my movements, and i may not have been able to avoid the rocks if the waves decided to take me that way. So i stayed where i could stand.

A wave came and swirled me back to shore, as the light was going, so we decided to finish up with a photo of me lying on the sand with a wave going back out to sea.

We had a great time photographing my Trash the Dress. Now all that was left was to haul my heavy dress, train looped over my arm, back to the car and wash it!

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