Monday, April 25, 2011

Trash the dress location rundown

We had about an hour of light to get my trash the dress photoshoot done in. We had an indoor and an outdoor location picked out. Originally Rob was going to be in some of the shots with me, but he decided against it as his linen suit would be ruined. So he was able to stay behind the lens the whole time; very handy having a professional photographer as a husband! We skipped the boat shed shot as we didn't have time, we'll do that another day. It really needs a cloudy day or sunset as the lighting there is quite harsh.

Our first location was an old abandoned power station. It's a very tall imposing building, two stories but they're about 5 metres or so high. Smashed windows line all sides of the station. Inside it's covered in graffiti, mostly brightly coloured tags, a few pictures, but with the usual scribble over the top. There's broken brick windows with the frames removed to sit in, steel barriers to stand on, and a fantastic curved concrete staircase. We spent about 40 minutes in there before moving to our next location, the beach.

I walked out on the rocks that overlook the beach for the first photos, then moved down onto the sand. Rob took a few shots there before i walked into the ocean. Happily the water was warm - it is autumn after all so i thought that it might already have taken on a chill, but we've had hot weather lately. I went in up to my waist and then floated in the water, but the weight of my dress was dragging me in and out with the waves, and i didn't want to venture any further out. Got a few grins from beachwalkers when they saw me, but no questions. I guess they've seen this done before :)

My dress is now in the bath soaking in Napisan, i hope that i can get all the dirt and stains from Rome off the hem of it. It surprisingly didn't get much dirtier today, just a bit of brick dust on the hem from the station.

We ended up with around 950 photos. I'll go through them tomorrow and pick out our favourites before uploading them. Here's a sneak preview of the two seconds i was able to get my mad dog to lie down for! Seriously it was about two seconds - two shots later he's up again.

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