Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Trash the Dress - Power Station

We started our photo shoot at an abandoned power station about an hour before sunset. We had to work quickly to get both locations in before the light went.

Fantastic viewing window on the outside wall of the power station.

Inside the station now, leaning against the windows on one side of the building, i found a stack of iron girders to stand on.

This was taken up against one of the fantastic brightly tagged walls.

There was a group of guys walking around on the top floor. Rob called out to them to ask how they got up and they told us the location of the small window they used to crawl in to get to the stairs. None of them thought i'd be able to get through with my dress, but i did gymnastics when i was little :) It wasn't that small anyway.
The stairs are pretty impressive to look at! There's another flight above, on both sides of this one.

Had to be careful sitting on this concrete block, as there was iron crosses sticking up along the edges :)

Leaning on the barriers overlooking the ground floor.

We'd now taken about 40 minutes in the power station so we finished up and hurried off to the next location, the beach, before we lost the light.

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