Monday, April 18, 2011

Trash the Dress shoot

It's coming up for the Easter break shortly and Rob and i are going to do a Trash the Dress shoot. We're going to bring along a tripod so we can appear together in some of the photos, the rest will be us taking pictures of each other. Should be a lot of fun! I've picked out a few places that i've seen some fantastic shots done at, and we're going to do the traditional Boat Shed shot (nearly every wedding couple in Perth, it seems, has their photo taken on the jetty out to a blue boat shed on Matilda Bay - but who i am to diss tradition!), and the beach. The weather's getting cool already so i want to get this done before the water turns too cold and i wuss out before getting in!

I also need to sew a few flowers that fell off at the at home reception back on my dress. Funny that; my dress survived travelling all over Europe to drop flowers at a local lunch! Must have been the shock of the heat :) I'm not going to do any damage to my dress... just get it wet, and probably more dirty than it already is. Then it gets a wash (yay me for choosing a washable fabric!) and stored away all clean.

Stay tuned for a review about the locations and our favourite photos of the day.

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